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Exceptional Entertainment and Event Production

Sound & Dance Floor Lights

Let's talk tech. For those that know the difference, you'll notice we use only the best brands and models of sound and lights in the profession.

If you are looking to add beautiful Decor Uplighting, Monograms, or Photo Booths to your event please click here: Uplighting & Photo booths.

We exclusively use RCF, EAW & JBL Professional Sound Reinforcement Speakers for the ultimate in rich and clear sound reproduction. Ask any professional concert sound technician, they are the choice of major acts nationwide.

Together with our all Crown iTech & QSC PLX amplification, Denon Controllers, BBE Sonic Maximizers. Your assured to have distortion free full bodied sound.

We have always been known for our awesome sounding DJ systems.

RCF, EAW & JBL SR4738 & SRX738 3way 18's Pro Spkrs.

Denon DN MC6000 Controllers

Crown iTech & QSC PLX Amplifiers

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizers

SHURE SLX24/Beta58 Wireless Microphones

CSL ACL & Dotz Matrix Digital Dance Floor & Intelegent Lighting

Martin & Chauvet Pro LED Moving Head Lights